Management Services

Barbados Offshore Management Services PhotoThe Barbados Offshore Advisor provides international business management and accounting services to offshore companies registered in Barbados and other jurisdictions worldwide.

These services are ideal for offshore companies that wish to have their Barbados operations run by skilled management and staff. This service minimizes company overheads by eliminating the need for the company to hire its own management team and employees, buy its own computer equipment and office furniture, and rent office space to house staff. A key advantage of using an offshore management service provider is that it gives your company access to experienced management with a proven track record while keeping expenses in check.

Serving Your Business Needs

The Advisor and his team perform all day-to-day business functions including sales processing, vendor payments, payroll, banking, accounting and bookkeeping. The team can provide monthly financial reports as required to keep the owner up-to-date on the operation. The Advisor also liaises with the company’s auditors and lawyers to ensure all annual paperwork is completed and filed on time, and that corporation taxes are paid, keeping the company in good standing.

Experience on Your Side

Having the Advisor and his team manage your company is a safe bet especially if you are new to the offshore arena and to conducting business in Barbados. The Advisor has over 19 years of experience running his own management service company and providing management services to the international business sector. Experienced management combined with an understanding of the offshore requirements for companies ensures that your company is well run and follows all the rules.

The Advisor has managed a diverse number of companies in a variety of industries including pharmaceuticals, computer software, oil and gas tooling, metal foundries, recycling equipment, direct mailing, affiliate websites, real estate development projects and many more.

The Right Business Network

The Advisor has a strong network of attorneys and auditors locally and internationally to ensure that you are speaking to the right people and receiving the best advice as you navigate the international laws and tax treaties that will govern your newly expanded business. Having the Advisor’s network working for you removes guesswork and connects you with the experts that your business needs to succeed. The right network and support team is of critical importance and can make all the difference to your success.

Human Resources

Hiring new management and staff in a foreign country can be a daunting process, especially when looking for the ideal candidates to manage such an important aspect of your expansion. Candidates need management experience as well as an understanding of the offshore sector, making them hard to come by and relatively expensive if found.

Furthermore, some businesses don’t require full-time management staff for their operation but still need qualified management to ensure smooth operations and compliance. The Advisor’s management team and staff can serve smaller companies’ specific needs by providing management consultations when needed and providing supervised staff as required. This added flexibility makes management service providers a popular choice for many international business companies on the island.

Cost Management

The Advisor allows your business to expand rapidly by minimizing set-up time and limiting start-up costs such as furniture, office space and computer equipment for your new location. Having the Advisor serve as your Barbados international business manager means that your business has full access to office facilities and equipment without having to make additional capital expenditures.

A service provider helps reduce human resource costs that come with hiring a local manager and workforce to fill all the required operational roles. It also eliminates the high cost of relocating a foreign manager to Barbados to run the operation.

The Right Choice

Offshore businesses need to have mind and management located on the island to run the daily operations of the company’s international arm in order to qualify for low tax rates and exemptions from tax in the parent company’s home country. This requirement means that it is absolutely essential to have a manager running the company from the island. The costs of doing so are sometimes prohibitive to some companies, or unnecessary for others, and in some cases, the right manager just can’t be found. Barbados international business management service companies have become very popular as a viable alternative to a full-time management team. These providers offer an attractive option that combines the right management skills and international business experience with tightly controlled costs to ensure that your business succeeds.

The Advisor has a track record of success in the Barbados offshore business sector that can help your company succeed.

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