Barbados Tax Treaty Lecture and Panel Discussion

The Faculty of Law, University of the West Indies and the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Barbados will be presenting a lecture and panel discussion on:

“Regional Tax Treaties and Tax Information Exchange Agreements and OECD Standards”

Presented by Dr. Shee Boon Law, Principal Research Associate in Tax Services of the International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation (IBFD)

This lecture and panel discussion will be relevant to the Barbados international business sector. This well developed sector has built a worldwide reputation based on negotiated Double Taxation Agreements with partner countries. There are over 23 Barbados tax treaties in place with over 32 countries at the present time and the number is growing as newly initialed treaties become ratified and come into force.

In addition to Barbados’ strong efforts to prevent double taxation and encourage tax information exchange through the use of tax treaties, the OECD has taken a strong stance on tax information exchange by publishing a list of countries that have substantially implemented the agreed upon international tax standard. The “white list” was first published by the OECD in April 2009 and Barbados earned the distinction of being the only independent Caribbean country to be included on the original list.

Many more countries in the region have since made progress towards being recognized by the OECD through regional tax treaties, tax information exchange agreements and the implementation of OECD standards.

Dr. Shee Boon Law will discuss these three interrelated topics in order to share important insights on the changes that are taking place, what they may mean for Barbados as a leading offshore jurisdiction as well as expected future developments.

Lecture Details

Location: The Moot Court, Faculty of Law, Cave Hill, University of the West Indies

Date: January 10, 2012

Time: 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Cost: BDS$225, UWI and ICAB students receive a 20% discount

Registration: Call 417-4215 or email

About Dr. Shee Boon Law

Dr. Shee Boon Law holds a doctorate in Accounting and has published papers on a range of tax topics.

He is currently a Principal Research Associate in the Tax Services Department of the International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation. He has previously served as a tax advisor for New Zealand’s Inland Revenue Department. He also worked for the OECD and has firsthand experience liaising with non-OECD countries on issues of taxation covering multinational companies, financial instruments and institutions.

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