Canadian International Tax Attorneys

Canadian international tax attorneys play a pivotal role in ensuring that Canadian individuals and businesses that register an offshore company in Barbados are compliant with their tax requirements and obligations in Canada. Furthermore, they will advise on the correct structures to be used to help minimize the company’s international tax burden.

It is absolutely essential that the international expansion be discussed with an experienced Canadian international tax lawyer before setting up a Barbados offshore company. This is a very important step in the setup process as the Canadian ownership of the Barbados offshore company needs to be structured properly. Otherwise, some of the tax benefits may be lost. Even worse, the owners may find themselves not adhering to the tax laws in place or acting out of step with the Barbados Canada tax treaty.

Initial Advice

The Advisor offers a free offshore evaluation to Canadians and businesses that are considering an international expansion to Barbados. This evaluation is not meant to take the place of legal advice, nor should it be interpreted as such.

This evaluation consists of feedback based on extensive practical experience within the sector and offers an initial assessment of the situation. The Advisor’s opinion is offered free of charge as a way to assist potential clients with their venture.

If the expansion sounds feasible, the Advisor will then recommend a Canadian international tax lawyer from whom the client should seek legal advice to ensure correct implementation with all regulations.

Connecting with a Canadian International Tax Attorney

The Advisor can recommend Canadian international tax attorneys to meet the specific needs of potential clients. Through the recommendation, clients are assured that they will be connected with an attorney that is familiar with the Barbados Canada tax treaty and with the Canadian tax laws on the matter. Hiring a Canadian international tax attorney is an essential step in the setup process.

Once the structure is established in Canada, the next step is to have a recommended Barbadian international tax attorney register the Barbados offshore company on the client’s behalf.

Making International Business Simple

Expanding internationally can sometimes seem like a daunting task for growing businesses that are unsure of how to proceed. Tax law and tax treaties do not make for easy reading and getting it wrong is not a mistake that one can afford to make.

Our goal is to make your expansion as simple as possible by connecting you with the right Canadian international tax attorney who has an in-depth understanding of the law as well as extensive experience working with the Barbados Canada tax treaty. With our help, clients can get up and running stress free with the assurance that everything is in order.