Barbados Real Estate

Barbados real estate offers a rewarding investment on one of the most beautiful and enchanting Caribbean islands. Foreigners are welcome to purchase real estate on the island and many do so in order to own a vacation home, villa or condominium near one of the many white sand beaches or overlooking a renowned golf course.

The island offers a complete package for foreign business owners who are able to setup a low tax offshore business company, invest in quality real estate and enjoy life’s rewards as they take time to relax in the Caribbean’s welcoming turquoise waters.

Enjoy Paradise

Barbados is widely regarded as the Gem of the Caribbean. The island offers pristine beaches and crystal clear seas where visitors can get away from it all and relax. However, with an international airport and an advanced telecommunications system, the world remains at your fingertips. The country is regarded as a Developed Nation by the United Nations with a first class infrastructure, public and private healthcare services as well as educational institutions including a University. All these factors mean that there is no better place to live, work and play!

Great Locations Available

The number one mantra in real estate is “Location, Location, Location” and this is one of the reasons that Barbados real estate has excelled. The island offers it all. Buyers can find beach front properties ranging from large estates and villas, to luxurious condominiums overlooking the sea. The views are breathtaking and the beach is right on your doorstep.

If your true love is golfing, then there are numerous properties overlooking world class golf courses designed by the likes of Tom Fazio, Robert Trent Jones Jr., Rees Jones and Landmark Golf Developers. One of Barbados’ courses has even been recognized as the “Best Golf Development Caribbean 2010” by Americas Residential Property Awards in association with Bloomberg Television. Even the legendary Tiger Woods chose a Barbados golf course for his wedding during the height of his success. If you love golf, then you may have just found a new home in the Caribbean.

If you prefer a rustic country estate, there are many old and historical plantation houses located in the countryside surrounded by acres of land available for sale. There is also the rugged, windswept East Coast where the powerful Atlantic Ocean meets the lush, untouched vegetation that is protected from further development. Existing houses, approved lots and old estates are still available for purchase from existing owners. In the east, potential buyers have a chance to escape from society altogether and fall asleep in a hammock with the sound of the waves crashing in the background.

A Safe Investment

Barbados real estate offers a very safe investment. Due to the high demand for “a piece of the rock” and the island’s limited size, it has never experienced a real estate bubble or crash as is the case in other regions around the world. Boom or bust, real estate in Barbados has always remained a solid investment.

In addition, the island offers a stable economic, political and social environment where property rights are protected. Investors are able to buy and sell property, with the freedom to move their money on and off the island as necessary.

Non-residents and companies are eligible to receive Barbados mortgages from the island’s banks, offering a convenient source of finance and opening up new investment possibilities.

Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents play an important role when purchasing a property and they become even more important when purchasing in a foreign country. Knowledgeable agents can help you find your dream home and navigate the tax and legal considerations involved in acquiring property and selling it.

The Barbados Offshore Advisor recommends Seaside Realty Barbados for all of our clients’ real estate needs.

Seaside Realty is known for going the extra mile to please their clients and offer a responsive, personalized service like no other. Their motto is to strive to maintain the highest level of honesty, and provide an efficient and personalized service.  To this end, they have succeeded.

Seaside Realty’s website offers an innovative map feature that allows visitors to view the specific location of the properties that they are interested in on Google Earth.  This is very useful for visitors who may not be familiar with the names and locations of some of the properties that are listed on the website.

Seaside Realty also offer property management services for owners who are not in the island and require bills to be paid, and pools and gardens to be maintained. In addition, some owners choose to rent their properties out while they are away. Property managers can advertise the property, collect rent and manage it for them in their absence.

Seaside Realty also offers a full suite of other services including long-term rentals and relocation services.

An Exciting Opportunity

Owning your own piece of Barbados real estate is an exciting prospect. The island is a true Caribbean paradise and property ownership here can be very rewarding. Get in touch with a real estate agent today and begin your journey into the exciting world of Barbados real estate.