Barbados Offshore Attorneys

Barbados offshore tax attorneys play an important role in ensuring that individuals and corporations establish the correct international business structure to suit their needs. They can advise on requirements and regulations in order to make sure that clients are in full compliance with the laws of Barbados.

It is highly recommended that clients discuss their needs with a Barbados offshore lawyer before registering their business entity as it is very important during the offshore company setup process to have everything done correctly.

Barbados’ role as a mature offshore financial services centre means that local Barbados offshore tax lawyers have a vast array of experience using international company structures and understanding the legal implications on behalf of their clients. Many of these Barbadian attorneys have been directly involved in the drafting and feedback process conducted during the establishment of the various Acts that govern the Barbados offshore company structures as well as the international tax treaties that regulate the ways in which Barbadian offshore companies interact with their treaty partners. This experience and insight is greatly beneficial to clients who in turn receive world class advice.

Initial Advice

The Advisor offers a free initial evaluation to individuals and businesses that are exploring the use of a Barbados international company structure. However, this advice is not meant to take the place of legal advice and should not be interpreted as such.

The evaluation includes feedback based on extensive practical experience in the sector and provides an initial assessment to the client. The opinion offered is free of charge in order to assist potential clients with their venture and to identify the best attorney for their needs.

Connecting with a Barbadian International Tax Attorney

The Advisor will personally recommend a leading Barbadian international tax attorney from whom the client should obtain legal advice. Through this recommendation, clients are assured that they will be connected with an attorney who can best serve their needs. Hiring a Barbados offshore tax attorney is an essential step in the setup and registration process that cannot be overlooked.

Barbados Offshore Business Registration

The Barbados attorney performs the business registration on behalf of the client. This ensures that the registration process is done correctly and is in line with all requirements. The client will be responsible for providing the attorney with all the required documentation needed to proceed with the registration. The documentation required mostly includes basic information and identification relating to the shareholders, directors and officers of the new company.

The fees for registering an International Business Company in Barbados are generally around US $3,500. This charge includes the attorney’s professional fee as well as the incorporation costs, license fees and provision of a company seal. These fees provide a ballpark for registration and professional advice for a straightforward IBC setup. Fees will vary for more complex structures and any additional services required.

Corporate Secretarial Services

The Barbados IBC will require ongoing corporate secretarial services which can be provided by the attorney on an annual retainer. These services will also include the annual IBC license renewal and applicable license fees. Basic corporate secretarial services and licensing fees are very affordable, generally totaling around US $2,500 annually.

Trusted Legal Advice

Barbados offshore attorneys provide clients with trusted legal advice and the assistance needed to successfully register and operate a Barbados entity within the established regulatory framework. Ensuring compliance and establishing a solid structural framework will provide a strong backbone from which an international business can grow and succeed.

The benefits that an experienced attorney provides cannot be understated and it is essential that every offshore company include a Barbadian attorney as part of their team.