Barbados International Business Association Sets Agenda

Connie Smith, the newly elected president of the Barbados International Business Association (BIBA), has laid out the organization’s agenda for the upcoming year.

Her plan is to focus on enhancing the island’s competitive advantage by working with the Government of Barbados to improve business facilitation by reforming legislation and improving to best practices. On this point, she said “In order for Barbados to compete on the international front, we must place significant efforts on ramping up the execution of any initiative that focuses on improving business facilitation.”

Smith explained that the Barbados offshore sector plays a key role in the local economy and that a strong economic recovery for the island would be aided by executing “several initiatives that have already been studied and articulated.” She felt that the groundwork for these initiatives had already been laid and that now it was time to take the action necessary to implement them.

Barbados is a leader in the offshore industry in the region and was the lone independent Caribbean country to be included on the original OECD “white list” in 2009. Since that time, other countries in the Caribbean have made strides forward to be included on the list. With competitors’ emulating Barbados, there is increasing pressure for the island nation to continue to take steps to stay one step ahead.

Connie Smith is the Managing Director of Tricor Barbados. Tricor is a leader in corporate structuring and advisory functions worldwide operating from 23 cities in 14 countries. Smith’s leading role within the industry and her extensive experience have put her in a strong position to ensure that BIBA plays a key role working with the Government to move international business legislation and best practices forward.

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