Barbados International Business Association September Luncheon

The Barbados International Business Association’s September Luncheon Seminar will focus on potential opportunities for the Barbados international business sector in Latin America and Asia; specifically, the leading international business centres of Panama and Hong Kong.

The luncheon will feature a panel discussion entitled:

“Selected Markets Redux: Further Prospects for Barbados as an International Business Hub”

The Panel will include:

Simon Owen, Founder and Principal, Folio Insurance Management

Simon Owen is a captive insurance expert based in Panama. His experience in Panama will be very useful to Barbados managers who want to gain a better understanding of the new opportunities for international business that have recently become available with the implementation of the Barbados Panama Tax Treaty.

Connie Smith, Managing Director, Tricor Caribbean; Immediate Past President, BIBA

As the Managing Director of Tricor Caribbean, part of Hong Kong based Bank of East Asia Group, Connie Smith will be able to offer an insight into the business environment and opportunities available in Asia.

Wayne Kirton, Chief Executive Officer, Invest Barbados

Wayne Kirton’s role as the CEO of Invest Barbados gives him a unique insight into the prospects on the horizon for Barbados as a leading international business hub. Wayne is also the Honorary Consul-General for Japan in Barbados, a role he has served for 23 years.

The three panelists will offer important insights into how Barbados is perceived as an international business centre by clients and business executives in both Panama and Hong Kong, and more broadly, throughout Latin America and Asia. The panelists will also share their experience in these markets to enlighten the audience on the preferences that these particular foreign investors have and what they are looking for in an international jurisdiction such as Barbados. Once the audience has a better understanding of the clientele in these jurisdictions, the discussion will then turn to the opportunities available for the Barbados international business sector in these exciting markets.

BIBA Luncheon Details

Location: The Hilton Barbados, Needham’s Point, St. Michael

Date: September 5, 2012

Time: 12 pm to 2 pm

Cost: $95 for BIBA members, $115 for non-members

Registration: Call 434-2422 ext. 101 or email

The panel discussion and luncheon will provide useful information about two important financial engines of growth in Latin America and Asia. This discussion comes at a good time for BIBA members given the recent Barbados Panama Tax Treaty which could provide the Barbados international business sector with very promising opportunities for the future.

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