Barbados International Business Association January Luncheon

The Barbados International Business Association’s January Luncheon will focus on Barbados’ foreign exchange reserves and the country’s strategy for bolstering these reserves in the future.

“Four Pillars of a Forward-Looking FX-Driven Growth Strategy for Barbados”

Presented by Dr. DeLisle Worrell, Governor, Central Bank of Barbados

Recent increases in world commodity prices have negatively affected Barbados’ foreign exchange reserves due the nation’s heavy reliance on imports of fuel, food and other commodities.

As Governor of the Central Bank of Barbados, Dr. Worrell will outline the island’s four major opportunities to strengthen its foreign exchange reserves in the medium term.

These opportunities include:

•    Tourism
•    International business and financial services
•    Alternative energy
•    Integrated agriculture and agri-processing

Dr. Worrell will explain why these “Four Pillars” offer Barbados strong prospects for the future.  However, to be successful, it is important that the right investment decisions are made now.

BIBA Luncheon Details

Location: The Hilton Barbados, Needham’s Point, St. Michael

Date: January 24, 2012

Time: 12 pm to 2 pm

Cost: $95 for BIBA Members, $115 for Non-Members

Registration: Call 434-2422 or email

About Dr. DeLisle Worrell

Dr. Worrell has a BSc in Economics from the University of the West Indies and a PhD in Economics from McGill University, Canada.

He was appointed as the Governor of the Central Bank in November 2009.  He has extensive experience working at the Central Bank from 1973 to 2000, where he served as the Deputy Governor for a decade from 1990 to 2000.

Since that time, he worked at the International Monetary Fund as a Technical Assistance Advisor in the Monetary and Exchange Affairs Department.  He has also served as the Executive Director of the Caribbean Centre for Money and Finance.

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