Barbados Immigration for Retired Property Owners

Barbados Immigration offers retired property owners Special Entry Permits to make living and retiring in Barbados a simple process.  These permits allow non-nationals to visit the island often, and for extended periods of time, without the need to visit the Immigration Department to extend their stay.

Barbados real estate is highly sought after.  The island has long been regarded as the Gem of the Caribbean, boasting some of the world’s most beautiful white sand beaches and turquoise seas.  Real estate on the island is considered a good investment, with the lure of this beautiful Caribbean island driving high demand, which has kept prices consistently strong.

As such, many non-nationals pursue the dream of buying property and enjoying their retirement in Barbados.  The Special Entry Permits are perfect for these retired property owners who wish to have complete freedom to stay in Barbados for as long as they wish, or to come and go as they please, hassle free.  This convenience means that Barbados is poised to become a leading retirement destination in the Caribbean.

Barbados Special Entry Permit Requirements

The Barbados Special Entry Permit requirements for retired property owners are as follows:

•    Must own Barbados real estate valued at US $150,000 or higher
•    Must be retired
•    Police certificate of character
•    Health insurance coverage worth US $350,000 for persons under 50 years; US $500,000 for those over 50 years

Spouse and Dependents

The spouse of the applicant is permitted the same status as the applicant for the same period of time.

Dependents of a retired applicant are not eligible to granted Special Entry Permit status.

Fees for Special Entry Permits

The Special Entry Permit fees for retired property owners are reasonable.  In addition, the fees only become payable after the applicant has successfully completed the application process and has been approved for a Special Entry Permit by the Barbados Immigration Department.

Special Entry Permit fees for retired property owners who are:

•    Over 60 years of age: US $5,000
•    Between 50 and 60 years of age: US $3,500
•    Under 50 years of age: US $5,000

Fees for Spouse

•    US $150

The Special Entry Permit for persons over 60 years of age is indefinite and will never expire.  However, the Special Entry Permit granted to persons under 60 years of age must be renewed when they reach the age of 60.  At that time, the individual will be granted an indefinite Special Entry Permit which will not expire.

Applying for a Barbados Special Entry Permit

Retired property owners can contact us to receive information and assistance with their application for a Barbados Special Entry Permit.

The Advisor offers retired property owners an application service to facilitate a smooth and successful application.  The package provided by the Advisor includes the application form and a complete list of the required documentation that must be supplied to the Barbados Immigration Department.  The Advisor will also answer questions, provide assistance and review the application to ensure that everything is in order prior to submission.  In addition, the Advisor can recommend health insurance options if the applicant does not have an existing plan.

Enjoy Your Retirement in Barbados

The Special Entry Permit for retired property owners offers a convenient, affordable way for retirees to start a new life in Barbados and get the most out of their golden years.  With the Permit, retired property owners can visit the island for as long as they please, whenever they please.

This program creates a great opportunity for Barbados to become the Caribbean’s retirement destination of choice for the discerning retiree.  The combination of world class Barbados real estate and ease of travel makes the island a top choice for owning a home.

Enjoy Barbados, enjoy your retirement!