About the Barbados Offshore Advisor

The Barbados Offshore Advisor has been working in the sector for 19 years providing management, accounting and administrative services to a wide range of International Business Companies and Societies with Restricted Liability.  In this time, the Advisor has served as a Director for several companies.

The Advisor’s management service company caters to the needs of various international businesses in multiple industries ranging from computer software to pharmaceuticals to oil and gas exploration tooling.

Management service providers offer offshore companies access to experienced management with a proven track record that can run the Barbados operation on owner’s behalf.  The foreign office must have “mind and management” on the island to qualify for attractive tax incentives.  By providing an out-of-the-box solution with a full team at your disposal, service providers eliminate the human resource hassles and expensive start-up costs involved when opening an overseas office.  Our team is responsive to your company’s needs, providing rapid turnaround and dedicated management.

Furthermore, the Advisor is well connected and has established business relationships with attorneys, auditors and international banks.  By leveraging this network, investors can get in touch with the right people to get the best advice.

Learn more about the Advisor’s Management Services and get a wealth of experience on your side!

About the Barbados Offshore Website

The Barbados Offshore Website aims to be the most comprehensive resource for promoting and sharing information on the benefits of registering an offshore company in Barbados.  Visitors to the site are able to learn more about the strengths and opportunities of choosing Barbados over other low tax jurisdictions by browsing the information and articles available.  In addition, the site keeps readers up-to-date with the latest offshore news and events.

The website offers personalized assistance to visitors who want to register an international business by providing them with an initial point of contact in the local industry.  All visitors can receive a Free Offshore Evaluation from the Advisor to help them get started.  The Advisor then offers access to his network of professionals who provide a best fit with the client’s needs and requirements.